Tahsan Khan All Song Lyrics Collection

Tahsan Khan All Album Bangla Song Lyrics collection for your caption?    You are here in right page we are here to share Tahsan Khan All song lyrics in details. Before do so here we are going to share a short into about Tahsan,   Tahsan Rahman Khan (তাহসান রহমান খান)  Born 18 October 1979.
Comonly known as a Tahsan, He is a Bangladeshi musician, actor and model. He learn music at “Shishu Academy” and ‘chayanot’ Tahsan Khan has become a new singing sensation of Bangladesh. Also a star singer, after singing successful songs one after the other like Alo, prematal, irsha, megher pore alor vire songs and many more. The artist has sung many album and Telefilm song, romantic songs and audience loved this avatar of him.Besides song he is a good actor also.

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Tahsan Song Album list:

  1. Kathopakathan (2004)
  2. Krittodasher Nirban (25 December 2005)
  3. Ichche (25 December 2006)
  4. Nei (2007)
  5. Prottaborton February 2011
  6. Uddesso Nei (23 July 2014)
  7. Obhiman Amar (October 2017)

His album and most favorite song list are here you can have a look and enjoy Album: Uddessho nei
1 Ke Tumi 
2 Koto dur  
3 Pajorer Vanga Haowa
4 Ami Sei Shuto hobo 
5 Bindu Ami Tumi Amay Ghire
6 Sosta Khub
Album: Prottaborton
7  prottaborton 2 song
8 Megher Pore alor vire
9 Kichu Kotha
Album: Nei
10 Nei kono kolpona

Tahsan Rahman Khan single song:

  •    Lighthouse
  •     Kothay Acho – Bangla Telefilm: Amader Golpo (2012)
  •     Megher Pore – Bangla Telefilm: Monforing er Golpo (2012)
  •     Prothom Prem – Bangla Telefilm: Monsuba Junction (2012)
  •     Keno Hothat Tumi Ele – Bangla Telefilm: Nipori Nilanjona (2013)
  •     Asmani – Bangla Telefilm: Nilpori Nilanjona (2013)
  •     Acho Hridoye Online release (2014)
  •     Kono Ek Kotha Bondhu – Bangla Natok: Kotha Bondhu Mithila (2014)
  •     Tobu Keno – Bangla Natok: ADDICTION (2014)
  •     Prem Tumi – Bangla Telefilm: Angry Birds (2015)
  •     Ato Maya – Bangla Telefilm: Couple (2015)
  •     Tumimoy– Bangla Natok: To Airport (2015)
  •     Valobashar Mane- Bangla Natok: Tai Tomake (2016)
  •     Jaccho Hariye- Bangla Natok: Prem Tumi (2016)
  •     Kolpo Torur Golpo – Bangla Natok: Memories (2019)

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